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#604 – 20th Century German Hunting Cutlass

#604 – 20th Century German Hunting Cutlass

Начальная цена: 900 $

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Конец: 28.11.2022 21:00

20th Century German Hunting Cutlass, fine quality made example with a stag horn grip, silvered top pommel with acorn finial and oakleaves relief. Thick stag horn grip with a ferrule having oakleaves relief. Cross guard in the form of stag and hunting dog with a shell guard having oakleaves and hunting horn. Housed in its leather and white metal mounts scabbard. Blade etched with foliage, stag and a blued panel Für Verdienste um das Deutsche Waidwerk and the other side having Vom Deutschen Jagdschutz-Verband. Max Weyersberg Solingen makers details to the base of the blade. Remains in generally good condition.

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