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#532 – Third Reich SS-Sicherheitsdienst (S.D) Officers Uniform

#532 – Third Reich SS-Sicherheitsdienst (S.D) Officers Uniform

Начальная цена: 800 $

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Конец: 28.11.2022 21:00

Third Reich SS-Sicherheitsdienst (S.D) Officers Uniform, interesting uniform group, the body of the tunic we believe to be of WW2 period but the insignia has all been re-added using a mixture of original and reproduction pieces. Tunic interior of black cloth lining and to the pocket has had a name label in our opinion added. The tunic is accompanied by a original pair of field grey breeches with leather interior leg patches, these also have the same reproduction name label which is present in the tunic. This uniform set was originally sold as fully original, however we are not satisfied to list as such, so is sold as seen and on the basis of what we have stated.

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