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#455 – Rare WW2 German Luftwaffe Flight Section Regimental Standarte

#455 – Rare WW2 German Luftwaffe Flight Section Regimental Standarte

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Rare WW2 German Luftwaffe Flight Section Regimental Standarte, superb example of the highly prized regimental standarte (flag) of the Luftwaffe flying troops with beautifully heavy embroidered Luftwaffe eagle to the centre housed inside a bullion wreath, branches leading out to the corners of the flag which have dark black swastikas. Perfect undamaged silver wire fringing to three sides of the flag. Complete and in full size with the end section for wrapping around the standarte poll still intact. Reverse side of the flag has the Iron Cross enclosed in the wreath and then the same design. Complete with the original makers tag. Accompanying the flag is an original set of Luftwaffe regimental standarte streamers. The set is in excellent overall condition for its age with all the bullion work remaining bright. A highly desirable and rare flag of the Third Reich period. Many famous photographs and newsreel videos from the time show these regimental standartes, none more so than the famous video from the Russian victory parade where Russian soldiers are marching with regimental standartes and then throw them into a big pile. Very few of these rare flags survived after WW2.

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