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#426 – Third Reich Allgemeine-SS Overcoat

#426 – Third Reich Allgemeine-SS Overcoat

Начальная цена: 3 000 $

Артикул: 6143 Категория:

Конец: 28.11.2022 21:00

Third Reich Allgemeine-SS Overcoat, fine example of a black wool double breasted overcoat with silver and black fleck piped collar. Standarte Nr 1 collar patch with bullion embroidered number 1 to the centre with black and silver twist cord piping. Blank rank patch. Single Allgemeine-SS shoulder strap. Complete with early multipiece swastika wool armband with SS RZM tag to the reverse. Sleeve with Standarde 5 cuff title. Matching SS marked buttons. Interior with partial black cloth lining. Original linen RZM SS label to the interior of the overcoat. Overall a good original example with original insignia.

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